Allium ursinum

Wild garlic (ramsons, buckrams, bear's garlic, broadelaved,Allium ursinum) is a wild edible plant, exceptional healing properties and a wide range of effects on the human body. It was proclaimed even to the European plant in 1992, and place it in the 4th planet plants....



Features and effects

I would like to point out the facts that you may not know, everyone who picked wild garlic. The main ingredient of wild garlic is allin that with enzyme alineaza makes allicin, one of the most powerful antimicrobial element in nature...



Usefull for

Wild garlic helps lower blood pressure, reduce the amount of lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol, and acts as an antioxidant. Also, it helps with colds, because it has bactericidal effect, protects against atherosclerosis, does not allow the merger of platelets and helps ulcer problems...


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Dosage and method of use

20 drops 3 times daily in warm water, tea, soup or milk (not hot, ideally between 40-45 degrees Celsius), mix and wait for about 5 minutes, then drink. Herbal drops contain alcohol. People who have problems with stomach need to use them with food or dissolved in warm milk…




Wild garlic drops kept in a dark place below 25 degrees Celsius, out of reach of children.




The product contains no preservatives, sweeteners and artificial colors and fragrances. Not recommended for children under 14, pregnant women and persons who are hypersensitive to any component of product. People who use drugs for a long time should consult doctor or pharmacist.

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Divlji ili medveđi luk | 07.03.2017.
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Vesna Radan, 55. years, Split
Dusan Jesic, 57. years, Belgrade
The average value of my blood pressure after 3 days of use is 128/81. As for the general impression I can say that I did not have slight vertigos as before, which used to occur for a couple of times a year, i.e. when the value of the blood pressure varied. During these two months of taking the...
Viktor Kostadinov, 39. years, Uzice
Mr. Dragan, I have to admit that I haven’t been surprised like this for a long time... You’re the right example of someone who cares for his patients, and it would be wonderful to have more such manufacturers... Thank you for everything, I’ve been taking the drops regularly according to the...
Nadica Jovanovic, 54. years, Belgrade
Dear Mr. Dragan, I’ve been taking your drops and I’m rather satisfied. If you remember, you kindly sent me two last big bottles of last year, when there were no bottles in stock. I’ve bought 5 small bottles in the new packaging this year (to have in my own stock ha ha) and they are also...
Petronije Djurovic, . years, Kragujevac
After 2 months of taking these drops, the effects are great. The values of my blood pressure are normalized, there are no jumps, and the results regarding cholesterol and triglycerides are unbelievably good, even my physician could not believe them. All in all, it is an excellent remedy. I have...
Millos Milanovic, 59. years, Belgrade
After two months and 5 days now of the RAMSLIN therapy, I can inform you with pleasure about the successful outcome. I want to point out that I have been using the drops regularly and for the entire duration of the therapy (I missed my evening dose for only a dozen of times). I take regular walks...
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"MANUFAKTURA LJUBISAVLJEVIC" was created out of love of its owner and founder, Dragan Ljubisavljevic, for nature and medicinal plants. The first product of this producer "Herbal drops of ramsons- wild garlic", is a result of a years-long research and experimenting, which involved the whole family Ljubisavljevic. Thanks to "Manufaktura Ljubisavljevic", Serbia became one of the few countries that has managed to produce Ramsons herbal drops...

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