About Us

RAMSLIN Wild garlic drops"MANUFAKTURA LJUBISAVLJEVIC" was created out of love of its owner and founder, Dragan Ljubisavljevic, for nature and medicinal plants. The first product of this producer "Herbal drops of ramsons- wild garlic", is a result of a years-long research and experimenting, which involved the whole family Ljubisavljevic.

Thanks to "Manufaktura Ljubisavljevic", Serbia became one of the few countries that has managed to produce Ramsons herbal drops, and in a way that they almost completely contain active substances of the plant itself.

The entire production process is original and protected. Ramsons is harvested on the mountain, in an ecological area, solely by hand, picking each leave separately. From freshly picked ramsons leaves, as a final product become Ramsons herbal drops of the highest quality.

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