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02.05.2013. Dear Sirs, I worked a few days ago a blood test and an examination of the heart (blood pressure) and the results are as follows: The pressure is 130-140 with a 80-90 Total cholesterol was 4.92 HDL (good cholesterol) was 1.19 LDL (bad cholesterol) was 3.48 triglycerides 0.56 There seems to hypercholesterolemia and proposed as beta blockers (due to pressure) and a few drugs ... I do not want to use beta blockers and other pharmaceutical products that solving one problem make the other. I'm interested in your opinion on how Wild garlic drops may be helpful. I have 31 years, 170cm tall, weighs 90kg.
Answer: Dear Mr. Radovan, Sorry to keep you waiting a few days for an answer, but I want to forward your question to our doctor and answer is here: According to the results that have been mentioned here, I would not give a diagnosis, "hypercholesterolemia" cholesterol because it does not speak in favor of it. Namely, when the HDL is less than 0.85, greater than 3.50 LDL and total cholesterol greater than 6.20, it starts with a lowering therapy hiolesterola. The values ​​listed are not for statin therapy, but only for medical nutrition diet. Also, the pressure is not indicated for the treatment immediately, but the first move with changing dietetic and hygienic lifestyle, eliminating salt and fatty foods, reducing coffee reducing weight (I would say that this gentleman was obese as a 170cm and 90 kilos ), increased physical activity, walking ... If the pressure persists for a long time and has a tendency to increase in spite of all the measures dietetic measures, starting with low doses of beta-blockers, which are not taken constantly, but stops taking the cessation of symptoms. So, I certainly would not advise this man to begin with beta-blockers and statins, but first take all the measures that I have mentioned, and of controlling cholesterol levels in a month. Of course, you can also use Wild garlic drops. Regards, Dr. Danijela Milosavljevic Medical Representative
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