Customers experience

Vesna Radan, 55. years, Split
Dusan Jesic, 57. years, Belgrade
The average value of my blood pressure after 3 days of use is 128/81. As for the general impression I can say that I did not have slight vertigos as before, which used to occur for a couple of times a year, i.e. when the value of the blood pressure varied. During these two months of taking the drops I caught two viruses, a respiratory and a stomach virus. I had headaches then but with no high body temperature and I was resting for a couple of days. I can tell you that this has been the biggest decline i.e. improvement of my results in the last five years. For now, I am satisfied because I’m no longer in the high risk group
Viktor Kostadinov, 39. years, Uzice
Mr. Dragan, I have to admit that I haven’t been surprised like this for a long time... You’re the right example of someone who cares for his patients, and it would be wonderful to have more such manufacturers... Thank you for everything, I’ve been taking the drops regularly according to the directions provided by the drug use instruction leaflet, the effect is satisfactory but I have been taking them shorter than 15 days which is marked as the milestone, so I will wait before giving the final judgement. There are certain effects, since by blood pressure is lower than before taking the drops, still I have to take ACE inhibitors in small amounts occasionally, but only once in two days. My aim is to completely substitute the drugs with natural remedies, and I will hopefully achieve this by taking your product. Once again, all praises for the way of doing business and for your customer care.
Nadica Jovanovic, 54. years, Belgrade
Dear Mr. Dragan, I’ve been taking your drops and I’m rather satisfied. If you remember, you kindly sent me two last big bottles of last year, when there were no bottles in stock. I’ve bought 5 small bottles in the new packaging this year (to have in my own stock ha ha) and they are also very practical for travelling. My blood pressure used to be 145/85, probably due to stress and hormone disorder. After only 20 days my blood pressure was 125/80 and has remained such in the last two months. I’ve been still taking the drops every day. THANK YOU!
Petronije Djurovic, . years, Kragujevac
After 2 months of taking these drops, the effects are great. The values of my blood pressure are normalized, there are no jumps, and the results regarding cholesterol and triglycerides are unbelievably good, even my physician could not believe them. All in all, it is an excellent remedy. I have been recommending it to everyone around, you deserve all the praise.
Millos Milanovic, 59. years, Belgrade
After two months and 5 days now of the RAMSLIN therapy, I can inform you with pleasure about the successful outcome. I want to point out that I have been using the drops regularly and for the entire duration of the therapy (I missed my evening dose for only a dozen of times). I take regular walks for about an hour and a half three to five times a week. I take Prexanor tablets 5mg+5mg. I stopped smoking at my first attempt 5 years ago. Alcohol – occasionally (only for the occasion of the patron’s day or on holidays). Standard Balkan diet - when the winter part of the year is over there is a significant improvement both in subjective and objective terms. The drops are an amazing supplement therapy I am planning to repeat it in autumn. I should not lower my blood pressure too much in summertime, since I take longer walks more often at that time, and the key risk factor in my case (diet) is not so prominent. Regardless of the fact that the good effects are due to the mentioned factors, the main credit goes to the RAMSLIN drops. Thanks to them, I have succeeded in lowering cholesterol from 7.87 to 6.91; triglycerides from 2.85 to 1.73; and blood pressure from 153/91 to 133/76 in the period of two months! This is very good. I am enclosing the complete results. Thank you with all my heart, Miloš Milanović
Solgull Pedersen, . years,
Hello. I want to make my statement that you can place on your website. I suffered a lot with my stomach a lot of years. I had irritable bowel syndrome. I started to use RAMSLIN 14 days ago and now I feel pretty good. Flatulence problems are also gone. I'm glad that I finally absolutely fine and thanks for Ramslin. Currently I use my second bottle. Best regards.
Ljiljana Aćimović, 42. years, Čačak
I use Wild Garlic drops for over 3 months and I try to eat Wild garlic as it exists in nature. I feel a lot better, have more energy and a lot easier to breathe because I am a smoker. Also, my skin is quite clean from tiny pimple that I had.
Radmila Miskovic, 76. years, Belgrade
Radmila Miskovic, 76 years old, a long-time diabetic. In addition, she had a decades-long problems with cholesterol and triglycerides. In April 2012th started with the regular use of Wild Garlic drops. Ms. Miskovic is now feeling great and will continue to use Wild garlic drops.